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The ITAM-Unit helps organizations gain insight into their entire portfolio of IT assets (such as hardware, software, SaaS and cloud) and then we do smart things with it. Is software used properly – or used at all – and are we paying the right price for it? Do we know of all laptops who uses them and when they need to be replaced? Do we still have servers in our own data center that might be better – and cheaper – to be moved to the cloud? These are just some of the issues that our consultants deal with on a daily basis.

Executing IT Asset Management properly can have a major impact on an organization: from saving on the total IT budget (which quickly runs into the tens of millions for our customers) to the environmentally friendly disposal of used equipment. But it doesn’t stop there. For example, cybersecurity is a top priority for almost every CIO, where complete, real-time insight into all hardware and software within the organization is crucial. And let that be one of the most important results of good IT Asset Management. In short, we are important for our customers when it comes to cost control and information security, for example.

As an IT Asset Management consultant within The ITAM-Unit, you help our customers gain insights into IT assets and monetize management information. You do this in short-term projects or in the form of secondment, depending on the customer needs. In addition to executive activities, you also help customers to shape IT Asset Management policies and processes and advise on the use of software tools and automation. The ITAM-Unit (founded in 2020 by Johan West) is a small, horizontal organization where initiative and self-development are of paramount importance. We make time for education, training, conference visits and participation in professional groups and associations (for example the Association ITAM Netherlands or the ITAM Forum), as well as for social activities outside work. The ITAM-Unit is part of a group of companies that also includes disciplines such as cyber security and Identity & Access Management, we have got all there is to offer.

Due to increasing demand for ITAM knowledge and skills, we are looking for a new colleague within our small team. If the above appeals to you and if you already have some experience in the world of ITAM – or IT in general – then we would love to hear from you!

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