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What are ITAM Masterclasses?
These days, a wide variety of masterclasses are available online. There are several organizations offering hundreds of different masterclasses. Plenty of supply, then you would think prices should be relatively low. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. In our opinion, this undermines the rationale behind a masterclass.

We believe that masterclasses should be accessible to everyone. In our opinion, attending a masterclass is a way to get a quick impression of a certain topic. You will be informed about this topic that you expect to be interested in. Compare it with an internship; over a short time period you can find out whether something interests you and whether you want to do more with it. If you are enthusiastic, you can always delve further into the subject in the form of a more extensive training, a workshop or a study. We want to bring that idea of a masterclass back.

Every month we organize a free masterclass, each time about a different topic. In 30 minutes we will tell you more about IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management, ITAM technologies, best practices, auditing, vendor contract negotiations or a related topic. We give you a quick impression of a particular topic. And do you find it interesting? Then you can always delve further into this. A masterclass as we believe a masterclass should be.
When do the masterclasses take place?
We organize a masterclass every month. Completely free, every month on a different topic. In general, these masterclasses take place on the third Thursday of the month from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Unless the third Thursday of the month in a national holiday, in that case we will give the masterclass the day before.
For whom are the masterclasses intended?
The masterclasses are intended for anyone interested in the subject of the masterclass. And are you not sure yet whether you find the topic interesting? Then you are also welcome, we will help you to find out. We will update you on the topic of the masterclass and ensure that it is interesting for both experts and beginners.
What are the topics of the masterclasses?
The subject of the masterclass will be determined approximately one week prior to the masterclass. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the masterclasses and the topics that will be discussed. And do you have a request for a specific masterclass topic? Please let us know!
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