The relation between IGA and ITAM

Both Identity Governance & Automation (IGA) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) support organizations in realizing cost savings and the efficient use of IT resources within organizations. But what is the relation between the two disciplines? And how do they complement each other?

Identity Governance & Automation (IGA) enables organizations to manage their digital identities and IT resources. With IGA, various repetitive, labour-intensive processes can be automated. Think, for example, of creating employee profiles and granting, adjusting, revoking and checking access rights. Identity Governance & Automation can significantly reduce the time IT and HR staff spend on administrative tasks. In addition to reducing the pressure on the IT service desk, it can also significantly reduce administrative costs. In this way, budget – and time – can be made available for, for example, digital transformation and innovation.

By adopting good Identity Governance & Automation tools and processes, organizations can provide their most important ‘assets’ – the personnel – always with the right IT resources at the right time. But IGA also offers a solution in the field of IT and Software Asset Management. Within ITAM, it is important that organizations know who has access to which software or cloud services, when, for how long and how often. In order to manage the associated (license) costs and risks. Identity governance and management is therefore also of great importance here.

An uncontrolled and non-automated process when it comes to joiners, movers and leavers within an organization is the thorn in the side of every IT Asset Manager. And why is software license management so important? Because organizations in the Netherlands easily spend €2.000 per IT user per year on software and cloud subscriptions. According to Gartner, organizations can achieve a saving of 30% by properly arranging ITAM processes.

It is well known within most organizations that both Identity Governance & Automation (IGA) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) offer multiple benefits to organizations. But in addition, IGA and ITAM also complement each other when it comes to mapping the IT landscape within organizations and realizing cost savings.

Marketing manager at The ITAM-Unit




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