IASP webinar

April 21st
10:30 – 11:30 CET

The ITAM-Unit is delighted to host dr. Jan Hachenberger, Vice President Business Development at Anglepoint, along with Marc Bilstein, Director Global Software Asset Management at Bertelsmann, in a webinar highlighting the IBM Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) program.

The IASP offering is a friendlier, non-punitive approach to compliance. It is an alternative to the traditional software license review, “an alternative designed to have a more delighted customer” as stated by IBM’s Worldwide Director of IASP, Sanjay K. Saxena. Selected IBM customers work with one of four Authorized SAM Providers (ASPs), such as Anglepoint, to proactively manage IBM software assets across their enterprise. The IASP offering is not a “back-door” audit. The ASP works directly, and only, with the customer and is bound by strict confidentiality.

We get a lot of questions about IBM’s Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) offering. Many people wonder if IASP is a way for IBM to get into an organization “through the back door.” However, this is not true. In fact, the IASP offering is designed to allow the customer to take full advantage of all IASP program benefits and strengthening the IBM-customer relationship.

This LIVE IASP webinar will include panelists from The ITAM Unit, Anglepoint, and Bertelsmann, who is currently in the IASP program – providing perspective from service providers, ASPs, and customers.

IBM’s IASP offering is an alternative to license compliance reviews and provides other commercial benefits as well. The panel will answer questions from the audience, including topics such as:

  • Audit exemption & other benefits (no back S&S, sub-cap licensing, normal commercial terms, etc.)
  • Requirements to participate in the offering
  • Relationship & reporting between IBM, Client, and ASP
  • Conflicts of interest
  • And more…
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