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Have you had a busy, productive week and can’t you wait for the weekend to start? Or did you not have a particularly efficient week and do you still want to end the week in a good way? We will help you with that. During our hangouts we start the weekend together with you in an informal, informative way. Think of it as the cooling-down of the working week towards the weekend.
What does a hangout look like?
This may sound a bit contradictory. Is a hangout a webinar or is it more like a Friday afternoon drink? In fact, a hangout can best be described as a combination of both. Hangouts take place on the last Friday of the month from 3:30 PM to 4:00 PM and are split into two parts of 15 minutes.
The first 15 minutes can indeed be seen as a short webinar in which we briefly update you on IT Asset Management or related topics such as auditing, licensing, negotiations or assessments. We can also discuss developments and trends in the field of IT Asset Management or what we are currently working on at The ITAM-Unit.
After these first 15 minutes, we will continue, together with you, where we answer your questions in an informal way. Perhaps you have questions about the topic we discussed earlier, its application within your own organization or something completely different. You can see these last 15 minutes as an “informative Friday afternoon drink” where we close out the week together with you in an informative, informal way.
When do the hangouts take place?
Every last Friday of the month there is a hangout from 15:30 to 16:00. We will give a short presentation about an ITAM-related topic from 15:30 to 15:45 and from 15:45 to 16:00 we will discuss any questions you might have in an informal atmosphere.
For whom are the hangouts intended?
The hangouts are for anyone who is interested in the topic of the hangout or just wants to end the week in an informative way. And are you not sure yet whether you find the topic interesting? Then you are also welcome. We will brief you on the topic of the hangout and make sure it is interesting for both experts and beginners.
What topics are discussed during the hangouts?
The topic of the hangout will be determined approximately one week prior to the hangout. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the hangouts and their topics. And do you have a request for a specific topic to discuss during one of our hangouts? Please let us know!

ITAM Hangouts 2023